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I'm Tanya Love, I teach Yoga, train Yoga teachers and offer Hakomi in London

I am a qualified practitioner of Hakomi and I offer sessions in Islington or online via Zoom

I teach Yoga both in person and online

The live yoga classes that you can attend in person are listed below

some live classes can also be attended online, you can see them on the online schedule.


If you would prefer to learn one-to-one, or in a small group please contact me directly.

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The Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training course that I co-teach on begins again in Oct 2020

My next Yoga holiday will be July 9th - 16th 2021. 

Yoga is an expansive word that encompasses a multitude of beliefs, philosophies and practices, and it may already have a myriad of meanings for you. To try to be as clear as possible about what I offer I've written something 

below about what Yoga means to me

During lockdown I was teaching a free online Meditation class.

If you'd like to listen to one here is a recording 


Every Monday         


The Life Centre, Notting Hill

Every Monday


YMCA@OneKX, Kings Cross

Every Monday


Triyoga, Shoreditch

Every Tuesday       


The Light Centre, Belgravia

Every Wednesday        


Yoga Loom, Muswell Hill 

Every Wednesday


YMCA@OneKX, Kings Cross

Every Thursday


Triyoga, Shoreditch

Every Sunday


Triyoga, Camden

Every Sunday


Triyoga, Camden



I fell in love with Yoga in India, I was 23 or 24, captivated by the country, addicted to its intensity, and Yoga was essential to that. I felt I was immersed in something intrinsically spiritual that would help me to make sense of who I was - even if I couldn't explain exactly how. That question has been a constant friend and tormentor throughout my years of practice. What is my relationship to myself, and to the world, and how does yoga help?

Over the years my answer would have varied and it will change as I age and evolve, so what I say here is just today's understanding, but, for now, the first ideas that come to mind are about being a body, and how that springboards into sensing, thinking and being conscious. I am fascinated by how I feel into the experience of being me. How my body senses where I am in space, how I'm moving and breathing, where I'm tense, where I feel free. I marvel at how multitudinous my experience can be, at once focused in on a tiny detail but aware of other textures and qualities, and all the time maintaining some sense of the whole. How all of this informs (and is informed by) what I'm thinking, where my attention is, and what's happening emotionally. 

Hakomi is a form of body psychotherapy and has been such a gratifying find for me, fuelling my fascination with how we might become more self aware. It is described as "mindfulness based assisted self discovery" and I think of my yoga practice as mindful, somatic self discovery. I like to hope that the Yoga teaching/facilitating I offer could be described as assisting other people's self discovery. 


When I'm facilitating Yoga my approach is to invite an interplay of awareness together with movement or action or stillness.  I use poses or breathwork (sometimes challenging and intense, sometimes minutely subtle and quiet) to cultivate deep attention. To notice how we move; how much we can feel; observing our tendencies and habits; tuning in to where is difficult to feel and where's easy; and how what we find might be affecting our whole sense of self. 

Several of the classes I teach are described as Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Vanda Scaravelli championed yoga as self discovery. She worked with Krishnamurti and her approach is infused with his philosophy. He said "There is no guru, there is no follower, there are only human beings, trying to discover a life without conflict, with an abundance of love". His advice was to question everything, to discover our own truth, to be our own teacher. But how do we find this, how can we tune in to ourselves, to listen to the deep biological wisdom within us all, that grew us from tiny embryos to the complex beings we are today. My answer (for today) is Yoga.  

I owe love and thanks to my teachers, most particularly Catherine Annis, but also Kate Ellis and Jane Kersel (who led the teacher training I undertook at triyoga) Gary Carter, John Stirk, Sarah Litton, Aki Omori, Olof Kujit and BNS Iyengar (Mysore).


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“Tanya is an amazing teacher whose classes are relaxed, fun and informative at the same time. Her fascination with the way our bodies work shines through as she tailors each class to meet the needs of every student from beginner to advanced in a safe, enjoyable environment. I always come away feeling lighter and more energised. Highly recommended!”

Emma Williams