What is Hakomi? 

Hakomi is a powerful form of body psychotherapy; a tool that helps us to better understand ourselves. The process is compassionate and kind, but can also be surprising and illuminating. A Hakomi practitioner facilitates the path through which self-understanding can occur, helping clients to gain insight and perhaps open doorways to new experiences.


Together, the practitioner and client explore the nuanced, habitual and unnoticed ways of being;  we study simple things like gestures, facial expressions, patterns of physical tension, seemingly random memories and thoughts that pop up spontaneously. We explore these subtle clues, noticing what they may have to say about the client’s deeply seated beliefs - the often unconscious belief framework around which they organise their sense of self. This exploration always takes place in mindfulness, the client studies only what intrigues them, in ways that feel safe, and with close, detailed attention to their experience. Hopefully insights arise, and sometimes, a beautiful serendipity can occur.


The Hakomi method rests deeply on the belief that we are all already doing the best we can, with what we have, where we are.


The practitioner brings no judgement, no desire to identify anything as “wrong” and no agenda to create change. Their intention is simply to wholeheartedly support their client in self-discovery – with a profound trust that the inherent, organic wisdom within each of us is always trying to move us towards healing, love and nourishment.  


Tanya is certified by the Hakomi Education Network to practice Hakomi. She has completed over four years of training in the method, and integrates her extensive yoga teacher training with its powerful techniques to provide her clients with a holistic, expansive and deeply explorative experience. For further information about the approach and about Ron Kurtz who pioneered the method please visit here.

If you would like to book a session then please email or call Tanya 07828 915 428.